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Remembering Will Brown

4 Locations ~ Curated by Melissa Inmon, Danielle Rue, Sara Wilson
A mob of thousands of white people laid siege to the Douglas County Courthouse on Sept. 28, 1919. They meant to murder Will Brown, a black man in the courthouse jail who had been accused — wrongly, historians believe — of assaulting a white…

Civil War Memorials

3 Locations ~ Curated by Mel, Matt, Amanda
Civil War memorials across Omaha and Council Bluffs

A Century of Lead Rain: Omaha's Industrial Legacy

2 Locations ~ Curated by Robyn Tait, Fiona Smith, Dee Damskov
Along a sweeping curve of the Missouri River, Omaha’s revitalized riverfront hosts green parks, paved public spaces, and a graceful walking bridge. However, only twenty-five years ago this area was a hive of lead-based smelting and refining – with…

Omaha Greenspaces With Purpose

3 Locations ~ Curated by Gina Alati and Emily Peatrowsky
Greenspaces Intro “Concrete jungle” and “paved paradise” are some of the cliches used to describe the urban sprawl that has occurred in cities like Omaha, NE. Environmentalist and those who appreciate the aesthetics of nature have pushed for…

Sites of Queer Representation in Nebraska

3 Locations ~ Curated by Rachael Smith (she/her) and Ashton Peiman (he/him)
As part of the conservative Midwest, Nebraska is not known for being open towards or embracing members of the LGBTQ+ community. According to the Movement Advancement Project (MAP), Nebraska is one of sixteen states in the US ranked with a "Low Policy…

Revitalizing Blackstone: Redevelopment and Use in an Omaha Business District

2 Locations ~ Curated by Daniel Buhrman and Wenda Gilman
As of April 2021, Omaha’s Blackstone District is an area that has seen several development and redevelopment projects. According to the district’s website, this “recent revitalization” of the district “has paved the way for redevelopment; making what…